Quantum XL Software for Microsoft® Excel®

Finally, software for the Statistical, Six Sigma, or Quality user which fuses Design of Experiments, Statistical Analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation within Microsoft Excel. Quantum XL replaces multiple software packages in one easy-to-use yet powerful application

You can't beat this package for the price!

Since it runs in Excel, you can take full advantage of the greatest spreadsheet software.

Design of Experiments:
Create designed experiments, analyze with regression, predict, plot, and optimize within Microsoft Excel. Use the Design Wizard to assist in selecting the best design for your problem. Advanced users can use the D-Optimal design generator for best subset designs

Monte Carlo Simulation:
Create and optimize Monte Carlo models in Excel. Perform up to 2 Million Monte Carlo simulations per second using Quantum XL's Rocket Mode Engine.

Statistical Analysis:
Create Control Charts, Box Plots, Hypothesis Tests, Measurement System Analysis, and much more from within Excel

Companion Tools:
Create and edit Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Pugh Concept Generation and Selection templates


Quantum XL 2016 New Features

Reliability Modeling - Including Left, Right, and Interval Censored
Maximum likelihood estimation of parameters for both censored and uncensored data. Includes probability plot, Anderson Darling calculation (if available) and probability calculations.

Improved Distribution Fitting

Auto-Fit: Choose to rank order best fit by Anderson Darling p-Value, AIC (Akaike Information Criteria), or BIC (Bayesian Information Criteria).
Speed Improvements: 10X improvement in time to fit.
Fit to Calculator: Distribution fitting leads to calculations. Enter LSL and/or USL and Quantum XL will calculate the area out of spec, dpm, and Cpk.
Non-Normal Cpk: Quantum XL will calculate the Cpk for all distributions it fits.
Probability Plots: All distributions now include a probability plot with confidence bounds.

Distribution Calculators: 14 Continuous and 7 Discrete

Continuous Distributions: Normal, Uniform, Exponential, Gamma, Logistic, LogLogistic, LogNormal, Weibull, Beta, Laplace, Triangular, Cauchy, Rayleigh, and Gumbel.
 Discrete Distributions:  Bernoulli, Binomial, Negative Binomial, Geometric, Hypergeometric, Uniform Discrete, Poisson. 

Johnson Transformation

Transform a dataset to normality. Similar to the Box-Cox but more powerful.  

Control Chart Enhancements

Control Charts Wizard
Computer guided wizard to help you pick the best control chart for the problem.

Control Chart Outliers
Mark any point as an outlier; the point will still be plotted, but not included in the math for the control limits.

ZMR Chart
The ZMR chart is also called "Short Run" control chart when sufficient samples aren't available for the XbarR, XbarS, or IMR chart.
 G-Chart and T-Chart (Rare Event Chart)
Rare event charts used when the count between times is less than 1.

MSA Enhancements

Probability of Misclassification - Joint and Conditional Probabilities (calculated from Bivariate normal distribution).
Extended Options - Substitute the calculated part-to-part standard deviation with the historical value.
Type 1 MSA - Evaluate repeatability and bias based on repeated measurements of the same part.

Minor Enhancements

Run Chart - Simple run chart plotting data vs. time.
Product Capability Report - Capability analysis on binomial data.
Fishbone Template/Diagram - Create a fishbone diagram from a template.
Summary Stats - Calculate summary statistics from one or multiple data sets.
One and Two Sample Poisson Rate Hypothesis Test - Test for difference in rates using Poisson distribution.